Promoting Undergraduate Research

Founded at Tulane University by six undergraduate students, The Tulane Journal of Policy and Political Economy seeks to further political and economic research by providing undergraduates with the opportunity to have their own original research published in an internationally-recognized, peer- and faculty-reviewed journal. 


By maintaining an international network of faculty, students, and organizations within the world's foremost academic institutions, we ensure that accepted student writings reach far beyond their home schools.





Biannual Publication and Collaboration

The Tulane Journal will publish issues twice a year, available as a physical copy or in digital form. Publishing with The Tulane Journal not only disseminates original, scholarly research, but also provides writers and contributors with a collaborative editorial process.


All accepted articles will undergo a rigorous review by faculty at Tulane University, who specialize in the core, intersecting themes of The Tulane Journal. The Tulane Journal and its involved students aim to be at the forefront of policy and political economy research.

Our Executive Board
Max Weber
Tulane University '22
Jordan Peck
Managing Editor
Tulane University '22
Michael Chen
Chief Operating Officer
Tulane University '21

Max's background in activism and political campaigning is reflected in his focus on international political protest. He hopes to continue his studies of Political Economy and Russian into a career in international law, where he will concentrate on the human rights of activists in Eastern European countries. When he's not organizing events or working in Tulane's admissions office, he can be found hiking or enjoying a brisk bike ride.

Jordan is passionate about the intersection of community work and global medicine. She majors in international development with minors in Mandarin Chinese and French, and hopes to attend medical school after graduating. Her personal research focuses on public health disparities between major immigrant communities in New Orleans and public health policy. Outside of the world of political science, she is a medical scribe at a pain management clinic and loves cooking, being in nature, and big dogs. 

Michael applies his studies in Political Science, Social Policy & Practice, and History through his research on nursing discrimination, LGBTQ+ judicial politics, and the rise of right-wing European politics. Outside of academia, he works for local political campaigns, serves as the Vice President for Finance on Tulane's Undergraduate Student Government, and enjoys exploring local restaurants.

Westley Sturhan
Chief Financial Officer
Tulane University '22

Westley is studying Political Economy and Public Health. One day, he hopes to apply his studies and pursue Health Law. He is also the president of Tulane Engineers without Borders, a Habitat for Humanity aficionado, and a huge fan of Star Wars.

Murad Laradji
National Outreach Director
Tulane University '22

Murad is from Memphis, TN and is majoring in economics and neuroscience. He currently does research in data science and genomics at the Tulane School of Medicine, with interests in behavioral economics and neurodevelopmental disorders. Murad enjoys running, dark roast coffee, and watching Brooklyn 99.

Our Staff
Assistant Directors of Operations

Lily Conroy

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Tina Alhani

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Joseph Noguera-Zuniga

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Ritchie Whitney

Hometown: Hahnville, LA

Layout Editor

Regional Outreach Coordinators

Zach Berg

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, IL

Will Brzezinski

Hometown: Great Falls, VA

Rachel Landis

Hometown: El Paso, TX


Batu El

Hometown: Izmir, Turkey

Kai Golden

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Lauren Flowers

Hometown: Oak Park, IL

Maggie Green

Hometown: Weatherford, OK

Abigail Ford

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Romy Whitesell

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Our Faculty Review Board

Nancy Maveety
Department Chair, Political Science

Douglas Harris

Department Chair, Economics

Joseph Keating

Associate Dean, School of Public Health

Allison J. Truitt

Director of Asian Studies, Anthropology

Christopher Fettweis
Professor, Political Science

Christina Kiel
Professor, Political Science

Dauphine Sloan
Professor, Political Science

Drew Kinney
Professor, Political Science

J. Celeste Lay
Professor, Political Science

Mark I. Vail
Professor, Political Science,
The Murphy Institute

Mary A. Clark
Professor, Political Science

Moisés Arce
Professor, Political Science

Patrick Egan
Professor, Political Science

Rosalind Cook
Professor, Political Science

Ruth Carlitz
Professor, Political Science,
Africana Studies

Thomas Oatley
Professor, Political Science,
The Wilson Center for International Affairs

Anotonio Bojanic

Professor, Economics

Augustine Denteh
Professor, Economics

Elliott Isaac
Professor, Economics

Engy Ziedan
Professor, Economics

Felix Rioja
Professor, Economics

LaPorchia Collins
Professor, Economics

Nora Lustig
Professor, Economics

Patrick Button
Professor, Economics

Patrick Testa
Professor, Economics,
The Murphy Institute

Wei Long
Professor, Economics

Alison Denham
Professor, Philosophy,
The Murphy Institute

Chad Van Schoelandt
Professor, Philosophy

David O’Brien
Professor, Philosophy,
The Murphy Institute

Jonathan Riley
Professor, Philosophy

Richard Velkley
Professor, Philosophy

Amalia Leguizamón
Professor, Sociology

Carl L. Bankston III 

Professor, Sociology, Asian Studies


Christopher Oliver

Professor, Sociology


David A. Smilde

Professor, Sociology

Laura McKinney

Professor, Sociology


Jana Lipman

Professor, History


Karissa Haugeberg

Professor, History


Kris E. Lane

Professor, History


M. Kathryn Edwards

Professor, History


Randy J. Sparks

Professor, History

Elisabeth Gleckler

Professor, Public Health


Janna M. Wisniewski

Professor, Public Health


Julie Hernandez

Professor, Public Health


Kevin Callison

Professor, Public Health


Lizheng Shi

Professor, Public Health


Mark L. Diana

Professor, Public Health


Thomas J. Stranova

Professor, Public Health


Nghana Lewis

Professor, English, Africana Studies


Adeline M. Masquelier

Professor, Anthropology, Africana Studies

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