Winter 2021

V1I1 Cover

19 The Impact of Public Funding Restrictions on Essential Family Planning Services & Fetal Health Outcomes: A Review of Texas, Missouri, and Iowa
By Claire Wynne | Tulane University

44 The ACA’s Dependent Coverage Mandate: An Investigation of its Effects on Mortality with Regard to Race
By Jack Derwin | Oberlin College

69 Online Imperialism: Sovereignty, Telecommunication Vulnerabilities, and Cyber Warfare in Eastern Europe
By Roman Shemakov | Swarthmore College

82 Cyclical Poverty & The Legacy of Trauma: Nuances of Intergenerational Persistence
By Cobie-Ray Johnson | Barnard College

100 The Impact of Education as a Mitigating Factor to Import Shocks
By Jesse LaBelle | Southern Methodist University

124 Beyond Damages: Explaining variation in states’ FDI loss from adverse ISDS rulings
By Connor M. Brennan | Georgetown University School of Foreign Service

143 Peacebuilding and Economic Development: Evidence From East Jerusalem
By Batu El | Tulane University

157 Bond Portfolio Allocation and “Reaching for Yield” in the U.S. Life Insurance Industry
By Mina Atanasova | Yale University

174 Excluding Exclusionary Discipline: How did Limiting Suspensions and Expulsions Affect Minority Student Achievement in DC Public Schools?
By Merrell Guzman | Stanford University

For its inaugural edition, the Journal received 82 submissions from universities across four continents. The nine articles contained within these pages underwent a rigorous multi-step peer- and faculty-review process and were selected for both their exceptional quality and their perceived potential to contribute to greater academic conversations.