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Stone Auditorium (Woldenberg 210), Tulane University

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Featuring civilians currently located in Ukraine, active members of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, families displaced from their home cities by the conflict, and members the New Orleans Ukrainian-American community, Voices from Ukraine highlights the voices and stories of those individuals most directly affected by the Russian invasion.

In doing so, it takes a personal, intimate, and direct look into what has become one of the most significant humanitarian crises of the post-war era. Departing from media and academic perspectives, Voices from Ukraine lays bare the emotional, human impact of the invasion through the eyes of the Ukrainian community itself.

This event is hosted by the Tulane Journal of Policy and Political Economy, and is sponsored by The Murphy Institute, the Tulane Department of Policial Science, and the Tulane Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies.

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7:15pm | Doors open to the public

7:30pm | INTRODUCTORY VIDEO | The event will open with an introductory video featuring the voices of people currently located in (or displaced from) Ukraine - including Ukrainian soldiers, families, and students - who could not join the event live.

7:50pm | KEYNOTE SPEECH | After the introductory video, Ivan Bondorchuk will join virtually from Kyiv, Ukraine to deliver a keynote address. Ivan Bondarchuk, a 2018 graduate of Tulane University's law school, is working with other attorneys in Kyiv to inform the world of developments in the Russian invasion of Ukraine and document evidence of potential war crimes.

8:20pm | PANEL DISCUSSION | Following Ivan's keynote address, the event will proceed to a panel discussion between members of the New Orleans Ukranian community. At this time, audience members will be invited to ask questions of both the panelists and Ivan Bondorchuk, our keynote speaker. Questions can be submitted in advance via the "submit questions" button below, or audience members may ask them live during the event.

9:00pm-9:15pm | CONCLUDING REMARKS | The event will end with a broad reflection on the crisis, and audience members will be given the opportunity to donate to several local and international nonprofit organizations aiding Ukraine.



Please email the panel's director, Max Weber, at

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