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مسارات للسلام
מסלולים לשלום


Lake Theater, Tulane University



The Tulane Journal of Policy and Political Economy is proud to present “Pathways to Peace: International Diplomacy and Peace building in Israel/Palestine.” Join us for an educational forum designed to enlighten members of the Tulane community who seek a deeper understanding of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. This event will invite practitioners to engage in discussions regarding current peace initiatives while delving into the historical backdrop of this conflict. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the intricate dynamics at play and the ongoing initiatives aimed at fostering reconciliation.


Featuring a three-part speaker series, our panel includes Tulane Professors Christina Kiel and Andrew Leber, as well as guest speakers from peace-building organizations Telos Group and ALLMEP.



6:45 pm | Doors open to the public.

7:00 pm | INTRODUCTORY REMARKS | The event will open with an introduction from our Editor-in-Chief and Programming Director.

7:10 pm | PROFESSOR PANEL | After the initial remarks, we'll be joined by Tulane Professors Christina Kiel and Andrew Leber to explore the historical context of this conflict and highlight pivotal regional actors.

7:40 pm | TELOS GROUP | Following our Tulane Professor panel, we will be joined virtually by Sarah Sturn from Telos Group to discuss theories of peacebuilding and mutual flourishing in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Telos Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to forming communities of American peacemakers across lines of difference and equipping them to help reconcile seemingly intractable conflicts at home and abroad.


8:10 pm | ALLMEP | Following Telos Group, a representative from the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) will join virtually to discuss the broad range of peace-building initiatives between Palestinians and Israelis. ALLMEP is a coalition of over 160 organizations, dedicated to bridging divides and promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace.

8:40-8:55 | OPEN QUESTIONS | After ALLMEP, we will open the floor to questions from the audience for both ALLMEP and Telos Group.

8:55pm | CONCLUDING REMARKS | The event will end with closing remarks from our Editor-in-Chief and Programming Director.

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